The Mormon Arts Center, an independent organization based in New York City, is dedicated to the study and appreciation of Mormon arts of all kinds from 1830 to today. The Center seeks to foster discussion of Mormon art among artists, scholars, patrons, and a broad public through exhibitions, performances, and publications.

In June 2017, the Center presented a festival of Mormon arts at Riverside Church in New York City. The festival included

A day-long symposium on Mormon arts featuring eleven Mormon scholars and artists.
A concert of Mormon string quartet compositions performed by the Deseret String Quartet.
An exhibition of contemporary Mormon painting, “The Immediate Present,” curated by Laura Hurtado of the Church History Museum.
A sing-in of Mormon choral music led by Craig Jessop.
A key-note address by Terryl Givens.

Among the Center’s current projects are:

Publication of a comprehensive history of Mormon film.
A conference on teaching Mormon arts to be held in Salt Lake City January 20, 2018.
An online encyclopedia of Mormon arts beginning with a volume on Mormon music.
A Mormon arts festival in New York City in June 2018 focused on film, music and art.
A recital of Mormon piano works at a New York venue such as Carnegie Hall.

The Center welcomes donations of all kinds, including offers of volunteer services. If you are interested in Mormon arts and want to be involved, we would love to hear from you.