A Social Plan

As we conceptualize what it will be like to attend the Festival, it’s apparent to us that we want to include everybody, whether they can be in New York City for the four days or not. But how?

I guess that’s the reason you have friends who work at Facebook and in marketing and PR firms, right? This is not an area that I feel completely comfortable in, but as we talk to people on our committees, they are capturing the vision of world-wide interaction with the Festival. In addition to recording every event and presentation, we hope to generate lots of original content with specialists doing interviews onsite, moderators posting during live streams of concerts, and curators providing tours of exhibitions. Wouldn’t it be great for people in China, Nigeria, Brazil, Germany, and even New Jersey to be able to chime in about what they’re experiencing from the Festival broadcasts, live?

Many of these logistics are still to come—how can all of this be translated into multiple languages, what are the best technologies to use, what makes the most sense?—but the great thing for me is to see the enthusiasm of others regarding social media possibilities. Without exception, as I talk with artists and interested audience members around the country, the first they say is, “Wow, this could be amazing” and second, “How can I help?”

Glen Nelson