Arf and Art

Every year when the New York Film Festival launches into their celebration of new film, they present an art poster to the public. The Film Festival commissions a work from a famous artist—sometimes on the theme of cinema and sometimes not—and that becomes a poster for the year’s event they use in their publicity. I think they sell them for $20 or so, too. It’s a tradition that they’ve had from the beginning, or nearly so, and I love how over the years these posters have become a time capsule of their own.

So Richard went to a friend, Brian Kershisnik, and asked him about the possibility of taking one of his delightful paintings and turning it into our Festival poster. Brian is a wonderful guy (not just because he said yes to this), and kindly gave permission. The painting for the poster is “Dog with Paintings of Women.” It’s a studio image, as you’d suspect, of a dog sitting in front of several of Kershisnik’s works, all in his hallmark style.

A kind donor to the Mormon Arts Center Festival is underwriting the production of the poster, so it will be free of charge to everyone who attends.

Glen Nelson