Allyson Chard



My involvement with the Mormon Arts Center project began one serendipitous day in March of 2016. I had recently moved to New York City and found myself in an unfamiliar church building on the Upper West Side, where my husband had a speaking assignment. It was there that I met Richard and Claudia Bushman. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Richard told me he had an idea he was working on and asked if he could email me the prospectus. The document was titled, “Prospectus for a Mormon Arts Center.” I was intrigued. Richard had no idea at the time–but my professional background includes event planning and promoting the arts in education. I knew this was a project I believed in and I was eager to get involved.

Over the past year, I have had the privilege to work with Glen Nelson and Richard and Claudia Bushman on this inspiring initiative. As the scope of the arts center expanded, so has the size of our talented group of volunteers. We now have an executive board of eight, a festival committee of sixteen, and an advisory board of twenty.

I currently serve as the managing director. In short, I help coordinate the logistics of the event and ensure everything runs smoothly. I have been amazed by the overwhelming support and excitement surrounding not only this event but also the overall initiative. Please join us in this exciting journey of promoting and recognizing the arts in Mormon culture.

Allyson Chard