One of our primary goals with the Center is to conduct research on the topic of Mormon arts of all kinds–music, film, literature, visual arts, dance, design, architecture, etc.–and to share it as widely as possible.

This week we plan to inaugurate a periodic newsletter. We’ll aim for once a month and see how that goes. The first issue will feature the story of a 12 year-old boy who left his home in the rural west to study and to become a prize-winning and important American composer. He is perhaps the first great Mormon artist. It’s fitting that our newsletter scholarship begins with him.

One of the fun things about this series will be links online to allow you to explore the artist or the topic in more depth. For example, the first newsletter will have a link to a YouTube rare recording from more than 50 years ago of a symphonic work from 1927 that every Mormon who loves art should know.

How do you get on this list, you ask? Make sure that you add your email address on our website. We’ll send the newsletter out to all donors, patrons, committee and board members, and friends who request them.

Glen Nelson