Mormons and Broadway

One of the questions I’m hearing about the Festival is this one: Why do it in New York? There are a number of responses. We want to place our art in context with what’s happening now, globally. No single city can represent the world, but New York is a pretty good surrogate. Another justification for the Festival here is to balance the scale. That is, New Yorkers don’t know a lot about Mormon Art. Perhaps this can be a first step to correcting misconceptions.

What do New Yorkers (and by extension, big cities of the world) know of our fine art? Well, theatergoers can step into a Broadway theater and watch a cast full of Mormon missionaries in The Book of Mormon musical. I wouldn’t say that’s representative of my views on Mormonism. But there are others shows, too. By the time the Festival opens at the end of June, three shows on Broadway will have characters onstage (or discussed onstage) who are LDS. In addition to BoM and its large cast of Mormons, there’s Chicago and Six Degrees of Separation, too. Frankly, I’d be happy to take back our message a little bit and provide to attendees of the Festival a broader picture of what Mormons are like.

Glen Nelson