An Invitation to a Donation

This week on our website, we set up a way for people to donate to the Mormon Arts Center through PayPal. Previously, people had written checks–and thank you very much for them–but website donations are new territory for us. To be honest, it was tricky to set everything up properly, and some of us wondered whether it was really worth the trouble.

Imagine our surprise when, within a couple of days of starting the PayPal option, we received significant support from several people. I don’t know how they even knew about the Center and this upcoming Festival, but they found us, and I guess you could say that now we have found them, too.

I have followed friends who launched Kickstarter campaigns. One of my closest friends arrived home a few months ago to discover that his entire painting studio had been burned to the ground. He had no insurance. Everything was gone. An online crowdfunding initiative came to his rescue.

Our fundraising isn’t like a campaign with a fixed window and matching amounts. Ours is an ongoing effort. We’re simply inviting people to donate to the Mormon Arts Center. And I mean “invite.” I am beginning to see that people are eager about being part of this. The time is right. They feel, like we do, that this is an exciting moment, and they want to join in with their support. My wife and I donated this week, as well.

If you would like to be a donor to the Mormon Arts Center, which is tax-deductible, the easiest way to do it is to click on the “donations” tab on the website. People have been very generous so far, and it’s much appreciated.

Glen Nelson